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PUMA Suede Forever

In celebration of the six decades since the inception of the classic Puma Suede shoe, we created the Puma Suede Forever campaign. We paired important moments in history and culture that the shoe has been a part of, with the art styles of those corresponding decades. We collaborated with iconic artists from across the country to reinterpret these moments in their specific art styles.

2016 London International Awards Shortlist

The pieces were structured into a timeline, featured in print and wild postings across the country. The 1960s — 2010s were represented. At the end of our timeline is the “Future," represented in a white Puma Suede shoe on a white canvas to show that the future of the shoe is yet to be defined. It’s an invitation to create the next big moment.


  • 1960s- Justin Helton

  • 1970s- Dan Stiles

  • 1980s- Andrea von Bujdoss

  • 1990s- David Carson

  • 2000s- Buff Monster

  • 2010s- Ben Wiseman

  • Future- Orhan Agis